Best Obedience Training for Your Aggressive Dog

Pawsome is a paradise for dog owners. We have all the solutions to your pet's problems, which we solve through therapies such as;
Behavior Training, Homeopathy, Nutrition Counseling, Reiki ,Obedience Programs and Crystal Healing.
Overall, our utmost priority is the well-being of your pet!

Owners of aggressive dogs are often clueless about how to train their dog. An effort must be put on identifying the triggers in the environment that makes the dog aggressive and then create a program to change your pooch's behaviour. Dog aggression is a serious problem and it must be adjusted with the help of an expert dog trainer.

There are numerous chances that trigger aggressive behaviour in your dog. Here are some of the signs of dog aggression:
# Blocking dog's or people's path?
# Showing teeth?
# Protective of sleep area?
# Charging or lunging forward at the person?
# Snarling?
# Biting that causes puncture wounds or bruising?
# Becoming rigid and still?
# Muzzle Punch (punching with the nose)?
# Guttural barking?

There are numerous reasons for aggressive behaviour in dogs. All sorts of aggressive behaviours fall in one of these categories - Possessive, Territorial, Fearful, Protective, Defensive, Unsocialized and Experiencing pain or trauma.

Pawsome Wellness Accepts Aggressive Dogs with Delight!

At Pawsome Wellness, our focus is not only on training the dogs but to guide and empower the owners. Our behaviour therapists consider each dog as an individual case and we accept them with delight. We start the training by observing the body language and canine behaviour and design a training program that delivers the real results. We provide a bunch of simple techniques which makes it easy to solve your pet problems.

Our Behavior Therapists can Restore Harmony in your Dog

Most of the dogs we work with show severe signs of dominance, anxiety and aggression. Our certified experts know exactly how to restore harmony and peace in your dog. No matter the reason, our behaviour therapists are ready to help. Here are the techniques we generally use in our training programs for aggressive dogs.

#Basic Obedience training
#Place training
#Focus training
#Proper leash handling techniques
#Crate training
#Sessions emphasised on exercises
#Sessions emphasised on socialization
#Bite inhibition
#House Training
#Etiquette (Greeting Guests)
#Child/Dog Relations
#Destructive chewing

Our Dedicated Dog Training Programs for Aggression concentrates on restoring the harmony in your dog. Thorough our intensive dog training programs and individualized sessions we ensure that the owner gains confidence in handling his/her canine companion

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