Homeopathy Treatment for Your Dog

Pawsome is a paradise for dog owners. We have all the solutions to your pet's problems, which we solve through therapies such as;
Behavior Training, Homeopathy, Nutrition Counseling, Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Overall, our utmost priority is the well-being of your pet!

Extremely helpful and effective in treating all kinds of chronic disease, most of holistic animal health care professionals list regular vaccinations and commercial pet foods as the primary cause in the rising rate of chronic illness in pets today.

Benefits of Homeopathy Treatments for Dogs:
# Co-operates with dog's natural immune system
# It is highly effective in both treatment and prevention of conditions
# Few to no side effects as compared to conventional medicines
# Capable of treating a wide variety of medical conditions

Types of treatment

Pawsome carries out pet homeopathy in multiple forms, these include (but are not limited to):


Note: We also take storage and handling seriously. We understand that these remedies can lose their value if they are not handled correctly.


Thereby, homeopathy comes out as the best and affordable option. Much like humans, dogs are also more responsive to pure, holistic and natural therapies. Homeopathy has been proven as one of the most effective means of treatment as it is based on ancient natural sciences. On top of it, it has no side effects.

When at Pawsome, Just sit back & relax!

Our dog trainers are well experienced and work with a very professional approach towards training. We make your pet well mannered and a gentle dog so he/she listens to you when you require them to.

At pawsome, we understand that all dogs are different. No two dogs can be trained in the same manner. Thereby, we spent a lot of in coming up with a training program that is aimed to understand your dog and train accordingly.
With our training, you can be assured of your dog getting the best training from people who're dog loving professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best behavior training.

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