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Pawsome is a paradise for dog owners. We have all the solutions to your pet's problems, which we solve through therapies such as; behavior training, homeopathy, nutrition counseling, Reiki and crystal healing.
Overall, our utmost priority is the well-being of your pet!

Puppers We've "played" with ..

We focus and use methods which are reward based and use positive reinforcements.

Our sessions are intended to increase your bond with your pet, lay a foundation for a great partnership in future and create social and happy dogs.

Dog Training Programs at Pawsome


  • Ideal for: Puppy

  • Our first program is an entry level training program which introduces your canine friend to the basic commands which are essential for decent behavior, these include (but not limited to) sit, stay, heel and come.

    Your dog or pup might also have behavior problems like mouthing, barking, chewing, or jumping etc. These can also be taken care of during the training sessions.

    We make sure that these sessions are short in order to prevent them from feeling bored. If your dog has a longer attention span, these sessions can be extended as well. The base of these sessions is positive reinforcement which means your dog will have plenty of treats throughout the program. It's ideal for puppies that haven't been trained before.


  • Ideal for: Grown Ups

  • The advanced course is for dogs that have a comparatively longer attention span and a better understanding. Under this batch, all the commands taught under our Basic program are done, along with things like walking without a leash to ensure you walk with a free head.

    We'll also get your dog to learn commands like fetch, roll over and more. We also solve any behavior problem like chewing, biting etc.
  • Confused which one you need?

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Our Mission & Methods


Our dog trainers are well experienced and work with a very professional approach towards training. We make your pet well mannered and a gentle dog so he/she listens to you when you require them to.

At pawsome, we understand that all dogs are different. No two dogs can be trained in the same manner. Thereby, we spent a lot of in coming up with a training program that is aimed to understand your dog and train accordingly.

With our training, you can be assured of your dog getting the best training from people who're dog loving professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best behavior training.


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