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Best Bach Flower Therapy for Dogs

Pawsome is a paradise for dog owners. We have all the solutions to your pet's problems, which we solve through therapies such as;
Behavior Training, Homeopathy, Nutrition Counseling, Reiki and Crystal Healing.
Overall, our utmost priority is the well-being of your pet!

Bach flower essences are popular all over the world. They are watery solutions of flowers and plants which are not aromatic but immensely capable of stabilizing the emotional, mental and physical balance in dogs. The key is to perceive the situations form the dog's point of view.

Benefits of Bach Therapy for Dogs
# Boosts confidence and self-esteem in dogs who avoid social situations?
# Improves tolerance towards other animals?
# Neutralizes the traumatic effects in the dogs that are mistreated in the past?
# Restores enthusiasm and vitality in lazy and lethargic dogs?
# Imparts a sense of security in the dogs with unaccountable or vague fears?
# Improves the lively interest in the dog who is not interested in the world and sleeps all the time?
# Cleansing effect on dogs with rashes and excessive grooming?

How our Canine Nutrition Consulting Services Can Help Your Dog:


Rescue Remedy is a combo of five wonderful Bach essences that have proven to be tremendously effective at easing out your dog's stress levels. It helps to create a calm and receptive state of mind in canines. The flower essence practitioner at Pawsome Wellness evaluates the personality and emotional state of your canine pal and prescribe the appropriate Bach flower remedy.

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