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Extremely helpful and effective in treating all kinds of chronic disease, most of holistic animal health care professionals list regular vaccinations and commercial pet foods as the primary cause in the rising rate of chronic illness in pets today.
Thereby, homeopathy comes out as the best and affordable option. Much like humans, dogs are also more responsive to pure, holistic and natural therapies. Homeopathy has been proven as one of the most effective means of treatment as it is based on ancient natural sciences. On top of it, it has no side effects.

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Canine Behavior Training

Behavior training is the art of understanding and training animals, with the purpose of grooming them and teaching them a bunch of skills that enriches and brings out their natural talent and intelligence. They are blessed with these skills and our training helps bring it out.

We go through the following areas:
# Associative Learning
# How dogs think
# Their intelligence and ability to adapt
# Ways they communicate and convey their emotions

Needless to say, we also do basic training such as teaching them to stand/sit and much more. We also help your pet in dealing with aggression. Our team of psychologists ensures that your dog becomes your buddy, someone who understands you and makes you happy.

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Crystal Healing

If you aren’t familiar with Crystal healing, it involves placing gemstones on particular places on the body in order to remove negative energy. These gemstones act as kind of conduits for healing. They ensure flow of positive and healing energy into the body. Since the emotional energy flow of dogs is extremely high, this is quite beneficial for them.
A commonly used stone by us is Blue lace agate, which is very beneficial for calming a hyper or an anxious pet. Another very effective crystal for anxious dogs is Lepidolite. It has lithium in it, which is often linked with anti-anxiety medication. In all the crystals we have, Amethyst is perhaps the most useful.

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Psychological Intake & Analysis

Every individual is different, be it human, or a dog. We understand this and thereby, we do a personal assessment for every dog so we can understand him better physically, emotionally and psychologically.
This is done to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis. The parent is provided with a questionnaire, which is followed by analyzing the cause of the behavior.

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Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition and diet are the most important aspects of the development of the body. Even plants are affected by it. A huge contributor to pet’s growth is the diet and what it consumes. This also has an impact on how he responds to the external environment. If the dog is consuming a balanced and healthy diet, it will be reflected in his behavior as he will be more stable and happier. At Pawsome, we have professional nutritionists, which takes care of the needs of every individual pet.

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Energy / Reiki Healing

As you progress with your day, your energy field is impacted by all sorts of energies around you. Your energy field is always changing and in movement. It goes the same for dogs as well. Energy/Reiki is one of the most popular and widely used forms of energy healing techniques all around the globe. Reiki is practiced in multiple forms. Reiki can be used for numerous reasons, for treating pain, emotional, or physical problems, or just for a general tune-up of energy.

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Bach Flower Therapy

The best-known solution product is the Rescue Remedy combination, which involves the five flower therapy; which contains equal amount each of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem and cherry plum remedies. Virtually tasteless, rely on the 'essence' of plants for their gentle healing effects, ease mental-emotional difficulties and do this without harmful effects.

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Aggressive Behavior Training

Owners of aggressive dogs are often clueless about how to train their dog. An effort must be put on identifying the triggers in the environment that makes the dog aggressive and then create a program to change your pooch's behaviour. Dog aggression is a serious problem and it must be adjusted with the help of an expert dog trainer.

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