How to Register your Dog in Delhi Municipal Corporation?

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January 14, 2019
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How to Register your Dog in Delhi Municipal Corporation?

Online Dog Registration Delhi


Most dog parents are not aware that under Section 399 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act 1957 registration of pets is compulsory in Delhi. Needless to say, pet registration has significant benefits like in case of a dog bite, you as a dog owner can avoid punishment by showing certificate; if your dog is lost, it can be traced with the help of his photo and ‘dog collar’.

As a dedicated parent of a pet dog, you might be aware and must have thought of getting your pooch registered under Municipal Corporation. However, you might have no clear idea as to how to get the registration process done. In this article, we’ll discuss the ways which will help you to take up the registration process.

Online Registration Process

MCD Pet Dog Registration Online

Good news for you is that you don’t need to go to the offices of Municipal Corporation with the inauguration process of online registration of pet dogs.

For online registration of pet dogs, you have to log in to the website of MCD and then submit all the required documents along with the fees to generate its dog.

Documents Required

The SDMC will require the following documents to Register Your Pet Dogs Online :

  1. Proof of residence
  2. Certificate of vaccination against rabies
  3. A photograph of the dog along with your photograph

You have to provide the above-mentioned documents before submitting the registration application.


You have to vaccinate your pooch against rabies. to make him eligible for registration.

Registration Fee

Registration of pets was earlier done at a nominal fee of Rs 50. But now the revised one-time fee is Rs 500 per dog, including a “dog tax” of Rs 5. An additional Rs. 11 is chargeable for online convenience fees.

Issuance of  “dog token”

Dog Token from MCD Delhi

Dog Token from MCD Delhi

After submission of documents, the zonal deputy director of veterinary services will issue a certificate of registration and aa “dog token” to you (the dog owner). The dog token will be valid for one financial year and will have to be either attached to your dog’s collar or be carried by you “at all times.” for its identification.

Terms & Conditions

You, as a dog owner, will be required to keep the corporation informed of address changes and update records under the corporation every year. This includes directions to “not let the dog loose in a public street or public place and always have the dog secured with a leash.”Any unregistered dog, if found in any public place, will be detained by the Corporation.

You will be responsible for all actions of the dog, including “causing nuisance or harm to any person.”

In case you want to change the ownership of your dog, fresh registration will be required.

Wrapping up…

Secure your pet friends from falling into unwarranted challenges like getting lost in a public place. Process of registration is online and simpler now! Get him registered following the above mentioned steps. We hope you have a better understanding of the registration process. Our team at Pawsome Wellness is always geared up to offer further assistance.

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