3 Essential Dog Training Tips

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3 Essential Dog Training Tips

Best Dog Training Tips

The essential obedience and discipline are the first that your puppy needs to learn! It is easy to tackle the behaviour problems if your dog knows some basic commands. If applied appropriately with the right attitude, the commands provide great fun for both the dog and pet parent. Dog training is a lifelong affair. But, there are some skills that are super important than any other pieces of training. Essential dog training lays a good foundation and prepares your canine companion for an excellent companionship and good behaviour. A well-trained dog is an awesome companion. He/she becomes a part of the family and it is comfortable for you to walk him/her to more places. Learning essential obedience commands is an important part of being a responsible pet parent. In this post, we’ll share a few awesome dog training tips and dog basic commands which makes your life easier as a dog owner.

Teach your Dog to Sit

Train your dog to sit.

Train your dog to sit.

We use treat as a lure to make the dog understand the “sit” command. Hold a treat right at the nose level. Make sure that his nose is a bit glued to the treat. Now, more the treat above his face at a slow pace. You can move the treat between the eyes to the top of his head. He’ll probably lift his head trying to take a bite. When his backside touches the ground, say “sit” and grant him the treat. Repeat this exercise 2 or 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. Once your dog masters this command, you can use it whenever you want to dog to be seated!

There is the other way to register the “sit” command in a dog’s mind. Just hold the treat in front of your dog. Wait patiently for him to be seated. Once he sits, say “sit” and offer him a treat. Take a step aside or backwards just to make him stand. Offer him another treat as soon as he sits. Repeat this sequence a couple of times every day till the command is registered. Never try to make your dog sit forcefully. It may upset your dog!

Train your Dog to Come

Train your dog to come

Train your dog to come

Your dog coming to you when called is definitely the most beautiful thing! The “come” command is one of the important commands which makes it easy for you to keep your dog safe from hazardous situations. Choose a quiet area to train your dog. Move away from your dog and call her enthusiastically. You can call the dog “come, come, come” or “pup, pup, pup”. Make sure your voice is excited and enthusiastic. When the dog starts moving towards you click “Yes!”. Now, it’s time to reward your dog with a treat.

Train your dog with “come” command once or twice every day. Gradually move far and use the command in different situations.

Discourage Nipping and Biting

Nipping and biting are a part of a dog’s natural behaviour and it’s important to discourage him from doing so. Expressing anger or scolding the dog is not a good way to stop biting and nipping. Instead, you can just pretend as if it is causing you an unbearable pain when he/she is nipping you. Your dog notices your reaction and most likely stop. There is the other way to discourage him from this behaviour. You can try swapping a treat or chew toy for your leg or hand. This trick works most of the times as the dogs love a bone or a chew toy more than anything else.

You may have observed a similar pattern in all the above-mentioned dog training techniques. Positive reinforcement is the best way to change the behaviour of canine companions. We can easily mould its actions by luring him with the rewards. If rewarding is not working out with your dog then not rewarding or ignoring may work if you want to discourage your dog from doing something. Dogs are beautiful animals. Though they don’t perceive the right and wrong, they can easily notice what’s a favourable thing to do. The positive reinforcement methods work like a charm in moulding your dog’s behaviour!

A solid training foundation certainly makes your life much easier with your dog! If you are confused about where to start training your dog, we recommend you to sign-up for a training program. Our team at Pawsome Wellness is always geared up to offer best dog training services and we’re currently offering a free consultation.

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