Why Pawsome is Holistically Awesome??

Pawsome Wellness

Your go-to Pet Wellness center.

What started as a passion, has now turned into a paradise for dog owners. We have all the solutions to your pet's problems, which we solve through therapies such as; behavior training, homeopathy, nutrition counselling, reiki and crystal healing. Overall, our utmost priority is the well-being of your pet!

Face Behind PAWSOME



Sagarika Tandan

She believes in the super beautiful cliché- dogs are just a part of a person’s life, but for dogs we are their entire life. Dogs provide stability, security and a sense of magic, which makes them the best part of one’s day. She feels that Dogs are very gentle, comforting and expressive unlike humans.

“Pawsome for me is an extension of myself and my love for the dogs. I am grateful to all those
people who are involved in this initiative, with their different level of degrees and experience.

Zai Tandan

Zai holds a BBA from IILM and is a certified nutrition counselor for dogs. She's had immense love and passion for dogs since her childhood, which she has spent with five furry friends. Animal welfare was a childhood dream which has come true in the form of Pawsome.

She strongly believes that:

"Loyalty is royalty; and our canine friends are the epitome of its true depiction."

Bhavna Barmi
Co-Founder & Head Psychologist

Bhavna is an internationally well-renowned clinical psychologist. She is the head of  Mind Track, a Care and Cure Center for mental health concerns and Psycare, a rehab facility in Delhi for Psychiatric, Addiction, Psychological, Social and Occupational Problems; along with psychological testing.

She goes by the philosophy:

“Reach, assist and care by providing solutions to all their psychological problems with utmost satisfaction.”

Council Of Experts

We have placed an eminent and efficient team on board to cater to all your pet's needs and hence provide the best possible solution for their respective issues. All the team members are highly committed, expert professionals in their respective domains.
The team members are as follows:

Nandita Sikka
Chief Coordinating Officer & Psychologist

Nandita renowned psychologist and chief coordinating officer. She is the owner of four dogs and is very passionate about researching and studying dog behavior and their cognitive skills. Nandita believes that dogs are adorable animals, not demanding & the biggest stress busters in one’s life.

Ishi Khosla
Nutritionist & Dietitian

A Dietitian/Nutritionist with an experience of 31 years in this field. Ms. Ishi Khosla practices at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, Delhi and Centre for Dietary Counselling in Jasola, Delhi. She completed Masters in Nutrition from Lady Irwin College in 1985 and Post Graduate in Food Science and Nutrition from University of Delhi in 1985.

Mrs. Ritu Tandan
Bach Flower Remedy Specialist

After doing a Masters degree in Textiles from bombay university and having worked for several years in the high stress trade, Mrs. Ritu Tandan decided to study Bach flower remedies due to the love for nature and everything natural. Bach flower remedies gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, anger and indecision which interferes with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. They allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself. She has been helping people and her own pets with the remedies.

Burhan Yousuf

A trained clinical psychologist working with an international NGO Swashrit Society and Mindtrack clinic at Munirka Vihar. She has been involved in counseling on various issues in humans.

Preeti Kalra
Reiki Healer

She has been a consultant at smile foundation since 9 years and is an expert Reiki healer. Reiki enables the body to eliminate toxins by realizing blocked energies & energize the body, which helps to activate and strengthen the immune system allowing the body to heal itself.

Dr. D.P Singh
Homeopathic Healer

He's been practicing homeopathy and doing independent research for the treatment of domesticated pets as well as wild animals through Herbal and Homeopathy medication since the last 9 years. The Homeopathic system is highly effective in curing simple coughs to cancer. He has grown up with dogs all his life and has a deep love for them. He specializes in Allergies and Infectious Diseases such as; Parvo Virus, Distemper and Tick fever.

Dr. Puneet Jain
Energy Healer

Mr. Puneet primarily works as an energy medicine healer and is proficient in various other alternate therapeutic healing modalities like relaxation therapy,  reiki healing and anxiety management.

Dr. Madhu
Crystal Healer
Dr. Madhu is a PhD in alternative Medicines and a renowned Spiritual counselor.She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is a founder member of the MShezaim Institute of Tarot & Divination and Wicca India. She has a 100% success rate in curing high aggression and Separation anxiety in dogs. She uses Angel therapy to communicate with dogs too. She specializes in Tarot reading & teaching, Spiritual healing Crystals, Angel therapy, Hypnotherapy, Vaastu consultancy and Numerology.
Sushant Senapathy & Sanjit Gupta
Canine Behaviorist

For the past decade and a half, they have specialized in training dogs of all breeds and ages. They do three types of training: which includes basic, advanced and guarding training. They provide grooming and maintenance for the dogs as well. They are one of Delhi’s award winning trainers. A wonderful aspect about their techniques is that they use food drive, play drive and rewards as the basic principles of their training, vs punishment or pain inflicting behavior. Love, as it is, is the basic crux of our Pawsome ideology.

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